Modeling Tips : How to walk on the ramp

Published: 23rd December 2009
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Modeling Tips : How to walk on the ramp

You are an upcoming model and want to know how to walk on the ramp? Here are few useful tips for walking on ths ramp and becoming a successful model through effective ramp walk.

What is a ramp?

A Ramp is nothing but a narrow platform on which models shows new trend of clothing and accessories during a fashion show.

Why walk on Ramp is different

A model walk on the Ramp or Runway is very different from the normal person's walk. This walk is specially designed by the experts from the field of Fashion. Walk on Ramp is different as it shows confidence and ensure that model displays the fashion effectively while walking on ramp. Usually a walk on the ramp always reminds about a Catwalk. Every contestant has to learn Catwalk before entering in to the show. This walk is just a basic step to enter. Almost all fashion models wants to to be a successful runway model and a regular face on the Ramp.

Tips for walking on ramp

* Get inspired by Watching Recorded a fashion show of professional models

* Minimum height for female catwalk models is 5′9

* Minimum height for males it's 5′11

* Your body should meet any type of out fits which are typically made a size 2 or even a size 0

* Watch focused straight ahead of you

* Balance yourself when you are wearing a pencil heeled footwear

* Your shoulders and arms let them swing but not much

* Your hands should be in relaxed state and no curled fingers, rememeber, as this shows that your not well prepared

* Keep your upper arm in close and attached tight to your body. This technique will help you to that only the bottom half swings

* Do not lift the knees too much. As it will change the format of the walk

* Overall, all you need to do is, walk with confidence


There is more than just walking on the ramp

With the walk, maintaining your body structure is very important. It must suit to the style and fashion . Even if you have most beautiful face in the world and you are not aware of fitness, it could make your name out of the list. For the fact, Sometimes you may don't like all the fashion models who appear on the ramp. Not all gets a beautiful body or a face by birth, but they still appear on the walk.

Have any questions about ramp walking?

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